I released my first album „Kingdom of Dragons“ containing a selection of my cinematic fantasy tracks.


I had the great pleasure to write a main theme for the cyberpunk/fantasy series „Mythic: Dawnbreak“ by freelance writer Rob Sprankle.

Read what it is about:

Mythic is a dramatic cyberpunk/fantasy series concept by freelance writer Rob Sprankle, focusing on the fictional world of Sahnkem, a world slightly more advanced than modern-day earth, but where gunpowder was never discovered and warfare is still conducted with swords. The series has three main themes: First, that warfare is glorified and romanticized despite, or even because of its brutality. Second, that religion is no moral authority, and that moral decisions are determined by culture and logic. Third, that „The World is Thus“, meaning that there may be no such thing as happy endings or even clear resolutions, simply the existence and acceptance of what Is. As the characters develop, their illusions and perceptions of the world, both positive and negative, are either molded or shattered as they come to see the truth. Mythic is broken into two three-season arcs: Dawnbreak, about seven illegally created super soldiers called the „Crown Guard“ fighting against a militant organization called the New Era Order, dedicated to bringing lasting peace through unification. The second arc, Moonrise, takes place 22 years later, and focuses on the aftermath of the war and the changes it has created. – © Rob Sprankle

Listen to it here: